Post Purchase Surveys Overview

Survey responses are a great way to capture additional marketing data, particularly for channels that are traditionally more difficult to track, such as offline marketing events.

Rockerbox can treat these survey responses as user-level marketing touchpoints, so that attribution data collected directly from the customer can contribute to the overall credit given to the marketing channel.

Survey Setup

If you’re using survey responses in your customer lifecycle, you can incorporate those responses in Rockerbox. These survey responses can either be collected during the time of order (ex: “How Did You Hear About Us” or “HDYHAU”) or after the order (a post-purchase survey).

Same-Day Survey Responses
While the Survey can be conducted before or after the Order is placed, Rockerbox requires a same-day Survey. We do not support Surveys conducted days before or after an Order is placed.

The setup requirements for the above are:

  • Send survey responses to Rockerbox.
  • Determine which of those responses, if any, you want to add to your customer path to conversion

Rockerbox Survey integration is limited to one response per customer.

If you have a two-level survey response, such as response 1 = Marketing Channel, response 2 = Partner/Platform (Paid Social > Facebook), Rockerbox will only accept one of those responses. In these cases, we recommend sending to us the more detailed response.

Survey Reporting

Once your post purchase survey is integrated with Rockerbox, you will see survey touchpoints roll up into the existing tier structure in all Rockerbox reports.

For example, if Podcasts are being tracked by both a Podsights integration and Post Purchase Survey responses, you might expect to see conversions tracked by both mechanisms report under "Podcasts"

To differentiate between a survey touchpoint and a touchpoint from a different type of tracking mechanism, consider

1. Including "survey" in the tier structure you set up for survey responses (ex Podcast > survey > name of podcast

2. If you are syncing Rockerbox's user-level log file to your data warehouse, the marketing_type will be "survey"

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