Conversion Events Overview


Rockerbox tracks the main Conversion events that you optimize your marketing against. This commonly includes events such as:

  • Purchase
  • Add to Cart
  • Email Signup
  • Create Account

Tracking Conversions

Rockerbox collects Conversion data through:

Onsite Pixels are most commonly used to track user activity that happens on your website.

Webhooks can also track user activity on a website—similar to Onsite Pixels, as well as:

  • subscriptions (ex: weekly, monthly recurring)
  • mobile in-app
  • mobile installs

Batch Files are used to track offline user activity, such as retail store purchases.

Attributing Marketing Events to Conversions

When Rockerbox collects a Conversion event, then we will look up all Marketing Events related to the user that converted, subject to our Attribution Window Methodology. This builds out the user’s path to conversion.

For example, if a user clicked on a Paid Search ad, followed by a Display banner, and then a remarketing Email, and finally made a Purchase on your website, then that user’s path-to-conversion is:

  • Paid Search
  • Display
  • Email

These Marketing Events are known as Attributable Marketing Events.

The following screenshot shows examples of common paths to conversion.

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