Pinterest - Viewthrough Integration

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Rockerbox and Pinterest partnered to create an integration that allows Rockerbox to more accurately reflect Pinterest performance. With this integration, Rockerbox attributes conversions to Pinterest not just for clicks, but also for views and engagements.

Due to privacy restrictions, a new conversion segment called [Featured Conversion] - Pinterest will be created when the integration is enabled. [Featured Conversion] segment will not include Pinterest views + engagement based conversions.

This conversion segment will include all attributed conversions across channels including Pinterest views. Due the limitations above, this conversion is not available as a shared warehousing dataset.


  • You must be firing the Pinterest tag on your website (see below under Verifying the Pinterest Tag for instructions to verify this)
  • You agree to allow Rockerbox to send a daily performance (Buckets Breakdown) report to Pinterest, filtered to Pinterest touchpoints

How the Integration Works

  • Pinterest sends to Rockerbox a daily, log-level feed of site visitors driven by Pinterest views, engagements, and clicks
  • If a user with a Pinterest view or engagement based touchpoint converts, Pinterest will be credited as a touchpoint on that user's path to conversion
  • View + click based conversions will appear in the same 5-tiered structure in Rockerbox. There will not be differentiation between view and click based conversions in reporting.
Pinterest will starting sending data to Rockerbox one full day after you activate the integration.

Verifying the Pinterest Tag

This integration requires that you correctly set up the Pinterest tag on all pages of your website.

To verify this setup:

  • Open up your browser
  • Go to your homepage. Make sure you do not have an ad blocker on.
  • Open up Inspector > Console
  • Type in window.pintrk.tagId in the Console.
    • If it returns a number, then the tag is firing correctly and you are all set.
    • If it does not, then the Pinterest pixel is not implemented on the page you’re visiting.
      • If this is the case, then you need to work with Pinterest to add this pixel.

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