Changes in Facebook Synthetic Event Modeling

Updated by Emily Shreero

Rockerbox has made some exciting improvements to the way view-based marketing touchpoints from Facebook are modeled and reported on in Rockerbox.

A full summary of the modeling process can be found here.

The changes to the modeling process include:

  1. Stronger classification of campaign types from Facebook's reporting
  • Facebook campaign names are being classified by naming conventions (ex prospecting vs retargeting)
  • Campaign types are mapped back to specific types of users (ex only repeat site visitors are eligible for a retargeting touchpoint
  1. Assignment of users to campaigns is now done based on number of conversions versus estimated conversion rate of campaign
  • Previously: volume of synthetic events created was based on conversion rates from Facebook's reporting
  • Now: volume of synthetic events created are based on the total conversion volume reported by Facebook for each campaign, rather than just the conversion rate.
  1. User eligibility requirements are more closely aligned to observed behavior
  • Touchpoints against individual campaigns are assigned to specific users based on the campaign's targeting parameters and the observed behavior of the user

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