Share Local Media (SLM)

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Log File Instructions

All files must align with the requirements listed here.
  1. Reach out to your SLM representative for a log file with the required fields from the callout below.
  2. SLM does not send files to Rockerbox directly or make edits to their existing file formats, so your team will need to make the following changes to the file.
    1. Split address into address_1 and address_2 fields (reserve address_2 for apartment units).
    2. Add a column titled cost, and input the cost by dividing the total drop cost by the number of recipients. Do not add the total drop cost in each line.
    3. Add a column titled in-home and add the in-home date.
  3. Send the file to your Rockerbox representative. Once QA'd and approved, Rockerbox will create an SFTP endpoint which you will use to upload all future files. Rockebox will send endpoint details once created.
  4. After this one-time setup is complete, you will send the final formatted files directly to the Rockerbox SFTP, and they will process automatically.
Delivery Details
  1. Files should be sent before each drop as soon as they are ready.
  2. Files should include all mail recipients.
Required Fields - From SLM

misc (if available)

Required Fields - Added by Client


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