Share Local Media (SLM)

Rockerbox is able to track Share Local Media touchpoints using user-level log files. More detail on how these log files are used to track Direct Mail touchpoints can be found here.

This integration requires the advertisers to manually modify and upload reporting from SLM to Rockerbox, as it's not available directly from SLM.

Setup Instructions

  1. Reach out to to enable the integration. Let the team know the launch date and the tier structure you'd like applied for this type of marketing activity.
  2. Follow the below instructions to generate a log file from SLM a make the minor edits required to align with Rockerbox's reporting requirements.
  3. Drop the SLM files to the SFTP destination provided by Rockerbox before each drop to ensure all marketing touchpoints are accounted for at the time of conversion. The destination details will be provided by
    SLM is not able to provide these files directly to Rockerbox currently, so delivery requires consistent maintenance by the advertiser.

Log File Instructions

All files must align with the requirements listed here.

  1. Reach out to your SLM representative for a log file with the required fields from the callout below. Files should include all mail recipients, and should not include holdout groups. In many cases, these may be dropped to an advertiserse <> SLM shared endpoint.
  2. Split address into address_1 and address_2 fields (reserve address_2 for apartment units).
  3. Add a column titled cost, and input the cost by dividing the total drop cost by the number of recipients. Do not add the total drop cost in each line.
  4. Add a column titled in-home and add the in-home date.
Required Fields - From SLM

misc (if available)

Required Fields - Added by Client


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