Parameters, Pixels, and Batch Spend Reports

Rockerbox has a specific set of integration requirements for each marketing partner. This consists of the below three elements, and is dependent on the type or tracking and reporting made available by each marketing partner.

Click Tracking:

  • URL parameters
    • Landing page URL parameters allow Rockerbox to tie strategies to actions at the most granular levels possible.
    • Rockerbox uses a list of custom, platform-specific URL parameters that won’t interfere with your current UTM setup
    • Your URLs should follow the structure guidelines available here.

View-Based Tracking: if permitted by partner

  • Impression pixels:
    • A Rockerbox <> Partner specific impression pixel will fire on all ads
    • Dynamic macros will populate and allow Rockerbox to report on performance at the most granular level possible
    • Pixels will not fire on any in-app inventory
  • Log files
    • A Rockerbox <> Partner specific log file will report on all exposed users
    • Files must be in a standard format and provided on a consistent cadence

Spend Reporting:

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