Rockerbox Training: What to Expect

Updated by Kelsey Kearns

As a SaaS company, Rockerbox's primary focus is to empower & train you and your team to leverage Rockerbox to make decisions. As such, the Rockerbox team does not provide specific recommendations on how to optimize your marketing.

Through a combination of our online academy and Q&A sessions with your CSM, we will equip your team to answer your priority questions with Rockerbox.

Below you will find Rockerbox's training offering based on your support package. This is designed to ensure you are equipped to best leverage Rockerbox to answer your priority use cases.


Rockerbox standard support

Rockerbox premium support

Self-guided Training & Webinars

Post-Onboarding 30 min Platform Walkthrough

Post-Onboarding 30 min Use Case deep dive



New Hire Training

Self-Guided through Rockerbox Academy

1 per quarter

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