PII Data

Rockerbox provides the ability to customize and adjust the information that is collected by Rockerbox. While this flexibility facilitates meaningful tracking and analytics, it also necessitates an extra focus on managing end users’ PII.

Sending PII to Rockerbox - Rockerbox recommends that all customers send any and all PII to Rockerbox in hashed formats.

Common PII elements include:

  • Email
  • Shipping address
  • IP Address (Rockerbox automatically transforms and stores the hash of the last 3 octets of any incoming IP data)

Preferred hashing Rockerbox recommends the following hash process:

  • Email
    • Strip leading and trailing spaces
    • Lower-case the value
    • Perform a SHA256 hash on the resulting value
  • IP address
    • Perform a SHA256 hash on the IP address

Passing PII via GTM Pixel:

  1. Pass hashed value into the datalayer
  2. Add the above variable to GTM
  3. Pass hashed value on Rockerbox purchase pixel using the standard field name List of standard field names here

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