Unmapped Events

In your Rockerbox attribution data, you may see a Tier 1 = Unmapped Events.

This is a default bucket for paid marketing events that do not match data from any spend reports.

Unmapped events that represent less than 5% of your overall conversion activity for a given month are within the expected threshold and are not a blocker for Rockerbox use.

Your Rockerbox team will investigate and resolve unmapped events above the 5% threshold.

These spend reports can include either spend API integrations or Batch Spend. This may be due to a number of reasons:



Spend for that campaign or creative is not in Rockerbox

Verify Rockerbox ingested the most current spend reports.

If the platform is an API integration, verify your authentication and that the latest spend has been ingested.

If the platform is delivering spend via Batch spend, verify the latest reports have been delivered.

Unfilled macros in tracking parameters

Verify that all tracking is set up correctly and the macros in the impression pixel & URL parameters are filling as expected.

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