Rockerbox Support Offering

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Below you will find Rockerbox's standard support offering. This is designed to ensure you are equipped to best leverage Rockerbox to answer your priority use cases.

Rockerbox provides a software as a service (SaaS) product. Our primary focus is empowering & training customers to leverage this product to make decisions. As such, the Rockerbox team does not provide specific recommendations on how to optimize your marketing.

We do, however, have a number of partners we can refer you to if professional services are needed. Your CSM can provide recommendations based on need and budget.

Standard Support

Premium Support


Dedicated Onboarding Team

Custom Onboarding Portal

Technical Implementation Working Sessions

* Up to 3 hours

* Up to 10 hours


Self-guided Training & Webinars

Post-Onboarding 30 min Platform Walkthrough

Post-Onboarding 30 min Use Case deep dive



New Hire Training


2 per quarter

Ongoing Support

In-app chat support & support email alias

Help Center

Dedicated Customer Success Manager

Dedicated Support Contact

Resolution Time for Support Requests

5 business days

2 business days

Best Practices & Use Case Expansion calls with CS Team



Shared Slack Channel for Communication

Professional Services not included




For expanded support options please contact your CSM for more details.
Typical Rockerbox onboardings need 30 - 60 minutes of working sessions to complete needed work.

** This is entirely dependent on your site architecture, marketing mix, and the amount of time you have to dedicate to Rockerbox onboarding.

For example, if tracking conversion activity via GTM pixels you must meet the requirements here. If you do not, you should expect onboarding to take more time.

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