Append the click-through URL parameters to your landing page URLs. These parameter values use macros and do not need to be manually replaced–their values will be dynamically filled by the platform when the ad is served.

Your URLs should follow the structure guidelines available here.

URL Parameters

Impression Tracking Pixel

Batch Spend Instructions

For Rockerbox to report on Quantcast spend, you will need to deliver a standard spend report to Rockerbox.

To do so, you will:

  • Set up an automated daily report to be sent to a Rockerbox email.
  • Contact your Rockerbox representative to get the email endpoint set up.
  • Email file delivery supports attachments up to 30 megabytes (MB).
  • For file deliveries larger than 30MB, please use an S3 or SFTP inbox instead.
  • Send as a CSV
Report Delivery Requirements
All spend reports must align with our requirements listed here.
Required Report Table Fields
Date (UTC Timezone)
Campaign ID
Campaign Name
Creative ID
Creative Name
Cost Local
Local Currency
Advertiser ID
Advertiser Name
Flight ID
Flight Name
Placement ID
Placement Name

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