Setting a de-duplicated Performance target in Rockerbox

Updated by Kelsey Kearns

As you begin making in-channel optimizations and shifting spend based on Rockerbox's de-duplicated CPA/ROAS, it will be important to determine your de-duplicated performance goal.

Your Rockerbox CPA/ROAS target should be different from what you optimize to in-platform because of de-duplication. Because each platform (i.e. google, facebook) will take full credit for every user that has a touchpoint with that platform - meaning your CPAs will be lower in platform than in Rockerbox (this is expected!)

The end result will be two CPA/ROAS targets by channel/tactic:

  1. In-platform goal
  2. Rockerbox de-duplicated goal

For example, for Facebook - you may have a de-duplicated ROAS goal of >1 while in platform you are optimizing against a goal of 2.

To that, see below for a video and step-by-step instructions on how to determine this target

1. Select your time frame

This should ideally be a time frame without significant changes to your marketing mix or performance swings due to seasonality 

If you just onboarded with Rockerbox, you can use the last 30 days!
  1. Choose at least 30 days. Can also look over a quarter for a longer time frame 

2. Choose a specific channel and/or tactic 

  1. You may want to break out your targets by both channel and tactic 
  2. I.e. FB prospecting vs. FB retargeting 

3. Identify CPA/ROAS overtime period for a given channel or tactic

This is your baseline de-duplicated performance 

4. Begin optimizing against de-duplicated baseline performance 

  1. You can adjust this target based on your goals
  2. For example, are you focused on driving revenue or driving growth?
    1. If focused on driving growth - you might be more tolerant of a higher CPA target in Rockerbox

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