Rockerbox de-duplicated view (First-Party Attributed Performance)

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First-Party Attributed Performance allows you to compare platform-reported performance (ex Facebook, TikTok) to first-party attributed performance (Rockerbox reporting).

  • Platform-Reported Performance: based on conversions credited within each ad platform. Each platform will credit itself for driving a conversion if it played any role in driving the conversion.
  • First-Party Attributed Performance: Rockerbox's tracked conversions attributed to the channel, de-duplicated based on the attribution type selected.
Full Credit Conversions: full credit for driving a conversion is given to the channel you have selected as long as it was a touchpoint on the path to conversion
First-Party Attributed Performance: note that this view reports on performance against your campaigns that are active within the selected time frame.

This differs from the Attribution Report view, which will show latent conversions against inactive ads if they occurred within 220 days of the

Overview of the First-Party Attributed Performance view

  1. Setting up your comparison view
  2. Navigating the first-party attributed performance view
  3. Use Cases - how to leverage this view

1. Setting Up Your Comparison View

1A. Editing your comparison view

2. Navigating the First-Party Attributed Performance View

3. Use Cases - how to leverage this view

  1. True performance of upper funnel tactics
  2. Tactical optimizations within each channel

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