DCM Tags

Trafficking DCM tags into a buying platform such as a DSP requires additional setup. At a high-level:

  1. Impression-tracking Pixels: treat as normal. Implement within the buying platform (and not DCM)
  2. URL Parameters: requires additional setup.

The URL parameters will need adjustments in two places within DCM:

  • add the parameters as Additional Key Value Fields
  • add a passthrough on the Landing Page URL

Impression-Tracking Pixels

  • With the exception of GDN, if the buying platform supports impression-tracking pixels, implement those as normal in the buying platform. Do not traffic them in DCM, as the necessary macros will not fill in correctly.
  • For GDN, implement the GDN impression-tracking pixels within DCM. You will need to manually associate the Google ad group ID for each DCM ad. Refer to the Google Display Network (GDN) for further details.

URL Parameters

For URL parameters across all platforms, including GDN, then follow the steps below

Updates to Click-through tracking in DCM

STEP ONE: Find the Rockerbox URL Parameters for the buying platform

Go to the appropriate page in Rockerbox or find them in the Help docs. For example, this is the set of URL parameters for The Trade Desk:

Buying Platform URL Parameters

STEP TWO: replace all instances of & with ;

Note: to ensure you replace all instances of &, it’s helpful to use a text replacer.


STEP THREE: in DCM, update the Additional Key Values Field

Find this at the Placement level > Tag Defaults > Additional Key Values. Paste the updated URL parameters exactly into the additional key values field.

STEP FOUR: All to the Landing Page URL Suffix with the below:


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