Excluding Staging/Test Domains

By default, Rockerbox will count all conversions where our pixel is firing.

You can prevent Rockerbox from counting conversions based on conversion attributes, such as the

  • website (ex: staging.mysite.com)
  • email domain (@mytestsite.com).

This is common if you have the same tag manager implemented across your staging or testing domains.

To prevent Rockerbox from counting conversions from some domains,

  1. Go to Account Settings page.
  2. In the Excluded Domains section, add a single domain and click Add.
  3. Repeat for all staging/test domains you use. If you need to exclude an email address or email address domain, you can also add that here.
If you use Google Tag Manager for any of your conversions, also include https://gtm-msr.appspot.com as an excluded domain.
Identity Resolution and Excluded Domains
Excluding the domain will remove conversions on the dev site, but the ID resolution links will remain.

If admin users are logging onto the production site to make/edit orders for customers and the RB pixel is firing, this will cause issues with path-to-conversion.

In this case, the pixel should be configured to not fire for admin users.

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