Rockerbox Access FAQs

Inviting New Users:

All active users can invite new users to Rockerbox by navigating to Settings > Team Users.

Note that Rockerbox does not currently support permission tiers. All users will have access to the same features and data in the Rockerbox platform.

Login Troubleshooting / Forgot Password:

You forgot your password or can’t figure out how to login? No problem!

Use the password reset form here:

If you don't see the password reset email in your inbox, please check your Spam folder

Single-In On:

Some teams may prefer to set up Google Single Sign On (SSO) for their account rather than having unique Rockerbox login credentials. This can be set up on the account level -- meaning all users will need to use Google SSO to log in.

To set this up for your account, please contact

When logging in, please ensure you're using the Chrome profile that's tied to the email address that has permission to Rockerbox.

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