Promo Codes

For some hard to track channels like in-person events or out of home advertisements, promo codes can help provide visibility into the impact of the channel.

1. How Rockerbox Uses Promo Codes for Attribution

1. Create promo codes that are assigned to a specific marketing channel (ex out of home advertisements)

2. Pass Rockerbox the promo codes that are applied at checkout on your conversion date. This is default for Shopify.

3. When promo codes are redeemed that are associated with a specific marketing channel, Rockerbox will create a touchpoint against the channel on the user's path to conversions.

2. Uploading your Promo Codes

3. Promo Code FAQs

  • Where does a promo code fall on a user's path to conversion?
    • Touchpoints created by promo code redemption will be treated as a last touchpoint on a user's path to conversion.
  • Where can I see attributed conversions against a promo code?
    • Conversions attributed to a marketing channel via a promo code will appear in the Cross Channel Report under the 5-tiered structure you set up in the above steps. If the code has not been redeemed, you will not see the tiers appear in reporting.
  • Does Rockerbox support user specific "wildcard" promo codes
    • Promo codes that follow a structure of COMMONVALUE-CUSTOMVALUE (ex SMSabc, SMSbcd, SMScde, etc) would need to be added individually to Rockerbox. While this is possible, it's not recommend due to the manual effort and volume that this feature is not built to support.

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