What is Sponsorships Attribution?

Sponsorships Attribution helps you track the performance of channels that are measured via promo codes, surveys, or vanity URLs/UTMs. Whether you’re paying influencers based on how many of their promo codes were used or buying ads for fixed costs on podcasts or distributing vanity URLs to partners, Sponsorships Attribution gives you one place to track all your marketing and the associated cost.

Why would I use Sponsorships Attribution?

  • You are using promo codes to track different marketing channels or campaigns
  • You have marketing that is paid on performance ($ per or % of each order)
  • You have marketing that is paid on an ad-hoc or contract basis (e.g. $500 per Instagram post) that is outside of an ad network or traditional media buying

Ready to get started?

To start using Sponsorships Attribution, you’ll need to set up the following:

  1. Programs: groups or templates that define the payout structure and classification of different types of sponsorships you are running
  2. Promo Codes: upload your list of promo codes and the associated influencer/podcast/sponsorship
  3. Associate Marketing Events: if you are tracking sponsorships via vanity URLs or surveys, associate them with the appropriate campaign
  4. Campaign Costs: enter any flat fees (e.g. $5,000 for a month) you are paying to sponsor
  5. Review your Codes: review recent promo code redemptions to make sure you haven’t missed anything
  6. Backfill: re-aggregate historical data in Rockerbox to include your marketing events & spend from sponsorships
  7. Analytics: analyze your sponsorships performance and CPA/ROAS

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