Google Ads (Manual Tracking)

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Rockerbox is able to provide granular reporting on the efficacy of your Google Ads (formerly AdWords) campaigns. In order for Rockerbox to better track your campaigns, you can use the steps below to add tracking parameters like campaign, ad group, and keyword.

In many cases, Rockerbox is able to automatically append URL tracking parameters to all Google ads.

If you have enabled the auto-append feature, you will likely not need to add manual tracking, unless your ads do not meet certain conditions described here.

Adding Non-Video Tracking in Google Ads (Campaign Level)

If you have completed the steps above to add account-level tracking parameters, do not complete these steps.

  1. In the Google Ads Console, select a campaign
  2. Click Settings in the left sidebar
  3. Choose the dropdown for Additional Settings. For Shopping campaigns, this is below the Shopping Campaign Settings section.
  4. Expand the section for Campaign URL Options
  5. For each campaign, append the correct tracking parameters below to any existing parameters in the Final URL Suffix. Replace CAMPAIGN_NAME with the name of your campaign. Use underscores in place of spaces in the campaign name. Replace ACCOUNT_ID with your account ID.
Search/Display Campaigns

Discovery Campaigns

Shopping campaigns (including Smart Shopping)

Adding Video Tracking in Google Ads (Ad Group Level)

  1. After selecting a video campaign, modify the columns shown in your ad set view by selecting Columns and then Modify Columns.
  2. Select the dropdown for Attributes and then check the box for Final URL Suffix
  3. When you return to the ad set view, you can scroll to the far right to see the final URL suffix for each ad set. Hover and select the pencil icon to modify this for each ad set.
  4. Append the parameters below to any existing parameters in your final URL suffix for each ad set.
  5. Replace CAMPAIGN_NAME with your campaign's name, replacing any spaces with %20.
  6. Replace ACCOUNT_ID with your account's ID, including any hyphens.

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