Attribution types in Rockerbox

Rockerbox provides four different attribution types both in our platform and our reporting. This enables you to see different views of the world based on which attribution model you choose.

Because Rockerbox de-duplicates conversions - each of these attribution types will look different from what you may be used to seeing in-platform, in GA, or even in your own internal attribution model.

Attribution type


First touch

100% of the conversion credit goes to the first touchpoint in the user’s path

Last touch

100% of conversion credit goes to the last touchpoint in the user’s path

Even weight

The conversion is split evenly across each touchpoint.

i.e. if the user had two touchpoints before converting each would receive 0.5 of the conversion


Allocates fractional credit to each touchpoint relative to impact in driving to conversion. This is built off your specific data set.

See more detail on the multi-touch attribution modeling here

Additional customization of credit assigned to each marketing channel beyond the above pre-built options are supported via our Custom Credit Allocation feature.

In the below example, you can see how the attribution type applied impacts the distribution of credit across touchpoints in Rockerbox

Different Attribution types in the Rockerbox platform and reporting

In the Rockerbox UI

You can toggle between different attribution types in the Attribution Reports view by selecting your attribution type in the upper left-hand bar.

This view will default to Modeled Multi-Touch automatically

In Rockerbox reporting

Rockerbox also provides conversions and revenue against all four attribution types in both our marketing performance and our user-level reporting. See more on reporting in Report types & Use Cases

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