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Rockerbox's Data Warehousing seamlessly synchronizes all your Rockerbox data directly into your in-house data warehouse. This empowers you to leverage your Rockerbox data precisely as needed, whether it's for custom analysis, integration with other data sources, or the creation of internal dashboards, unlocking new insights for your organization.

Why use Data Warehousing by Rockerbox?

Recognizing that every business is unique, Data Warehousing ensures the delivery of all your Rockerbox data directly to your in-house data warehouse, allowing you to utilize it according to your specific requirements.

It gives you seamless access to your Rockerbox data that's exclusively available through warehousing.

Syncing Rockerbox data to your data warehouse provides access to your Rockerbox data at the granularity necessary for deriving custom insights and further embedding Rockerbox into your organization. This includes conversion-level and ad-level reporting, enabling you to unlock additional value from Rockerbox and address your specific business questions.

What can I use Data Warehousing for?

Rockerbox customers use Data Warehousing for different use cases, here are just three examples.

1. Custom data analysis

Rockerbox's Data Warehousing gives you the ability to analyze your marketing and customer activity in your own way. This might be performing Life Cycle Value analytics exactly how you define it, dissecting ROAS across product lines or running channel and geo lift tests. Additionally, it allows for experimentation within your analyses, enabling deep exploration of the rich customer and marketing data available.

Businesses that can analyze their marketing and customer activity in this way can find insight and build a better understanding. This includes performing exploratory analysis, reacting to new product launches or marketing trends, and perfectly aligning their reporting metrics with their business objectives.

From this businesses can share measurement insight beyond marketing teams, siloed teams, or buying agencies. It makes it applicable to every part of the business, integrating across teams aligning to objectives, and supporting data-driven decision-making across the business. 

2. Integrate with other data sources

With access to the comprehensive granularity of Rockerbox’s measurement data within your in-house data warehouse, you gain an unparalleled opportunity to supplement your Rockerbox data with additional sources and conduct in-depth analysis. This may involve integrating data from various parts of your business—such as product, finance, or logistics—or incorporating third-party datasets, such as spend or demographic data, to enrich your marketing dataset.

Integrating your marketing measurement dataset with these diverse internal or external data sources has the potential to enhance both datasets significantly. This integration unlocks fresh insights, allowing for a more comprehensive understanding of customer behavior and market activity.

This integrated approach enables a more holistic view, facilitating informed decision-making and the development of targeted strategies tailored to specific business objectives.

3. Build custom reports and dashboards

Rockerbox Data Warehousing enables you to seamlessly integrate all of your marketing data within your internal dashboards - like Tableau and Looker - and reports. It lets you build and automate regular dashboards and reports with key marketing metrics alongside other parts of your business.

This saves time, takes the pain out of collating information from different sources and lets you better contextualise and embed your marketing data across your organisaiton.

Automating reporting and dashboards improves reproting capabilities so you can focus on extracting actionable insights rather than solely concentrating on monthly data. It lets you embed key metrics across your organization and facilitates a more data-driven decision-making culture.

Get started now

These are just a few of the use cases our customers are leveraging with Data Warehousing by Rockerbox today. If you're already using Data Warehousing, explore our documentation for further support on use cases, setup, and sample code. If you're not currently using Data Warehousing by Rockerbox, speak to your Customer Success Manager to learn more.

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