CommissionJunction (CJ)


Rockerbox will use UTMs to track click-based touchpoints. To see performance broken out at a Publisher level, connect with your CJ rep to ensure that the Publisher CID is added as a UTM parameter in all URLs.

Batch Spend

To ingest CJ spend into Rockerbox, contact your Rockerbox representative for an email endpoint.

Spend reports will need to be sent by your CJ rep on a weekly cadence, each report containing the previous 7 days worth of data.

Required fields to include (must be exactly as written below, including capitalization:

  • Period
  • Publisher CID
  • Publisher Name
  • Total Commission (USD)

File Requirements

  • Spend report must meet formatting requirements listed here
  • File must be sent as a csv
  • Only include the email alias in the "To" field of the email - all other emails must be moved to "cc"
  • They must send a new email each week - they cannot just reply all to an existing email chain

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