CJ Affiliate (Commission Junction)

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Setup Instructions

  1. Reach out to support@rockerbox.com to enable the integration. Let the team know the launch date, the UTMs you will apply, and the tier structure you'd like applied for this type of marketing activity.
  2. Work with your CJ account manager to apply the below URL parameter to all URLs. This is a requirement for publisher level performance reporting and must be completed before launch.
  3. Work with your CJ account manager to set up automated daily reporting from CJ to Rockerbox. This should also be completed before launch.


  1. Ask your CJ rep to append the click-through URL parameters to all of your landing pages (both active and future). These parameter values use macros and do not need to be manually replaced. Their values will be dynamically filled by the platform when the ad is served.

URL Parameters


Batch Spend

All spend reports must align with the requirements listed here
  1. Your CJ account manager can assist with setting up automated daily reporting to Rockerbox. Please ask your CJ contact to create a ticket for a scheduled report that includes the below detail.
  2. Endpoint: please share the endpoint provided by support@rockerbox.com.
  3. Cadence: daily, sending reporting as early in the day as it is available (ex 7am is better than 10pm)
  4. Format:
    1. Timezone: UTC
    2. File type: .xlsx
    3. Formatting requirement outlined here must be met
    4. Column Requirements:
Required Columns

Publisher CID
Publisher Name
Total Commission (USD)

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