Can I use my own custom UTMs instead of Rockerbox tracking parameters?

If you are unable to append Rockerbox tracking parameters to your ads for a specific channel, UTMs can be used as a backup to ensure that marketing activity is attributed to the appropriate channel.

Rockerbox parameters are always the preferred tracking mechanism, as they will ensure all creative details are captured at the most granular level available and that spend is applied to each individual ad.

UTM Implementation

If using UTM parameters is necessary, consider the below implementation options:

  • Least Risk: use platform macro(s) to fill in the key identifiers we require
  • Mid Risk: hardcodes the platform identifiers
  • Most Risk: uses names only (risks typos and will not reflect name changes)

Rockerbox will then use the available values to match the UTMs from marketing events back to spend data from a platform.


Certain limitations and risks apply should you forgo implementation of Rockerbox tracking:


  • Facebook Impressions: our method of deriving view-based impression activity will require Rockerbox parameters to be applied
  • Multitouch Weights: custom multitouch weights measuring the individual effectiveness of each ad will be incomplete until we have full ad level details


  • Marketing Tracking: if UTMs are ever not included, marketing events have the potential to be lost
  • Spend Metrics: ability to measure CPA and ROAS are impacted in cases where UTMs do not match data we’re receiving from Facebook

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