User Behavior View (Marketing Paths)

What this report shows

The Marketing Paths view in Rockerbox enables you to view the most common paths to conversion for new and returning users that converted during a specific time frame

For a given time frame, the view cohorts all users that converted during that time frame and shows all marketing touchpoints (including from outside that time frame) against each user that converted

Overview of Customers - Paths view

1. How to Navigate view

2. Understanding the summary stats view

2. Use Cases - How to leverage this view

1. Navigating the Marketing Paths view

2. Reading the Summary Stats box

3. Use Cases - How to leverage this view

See the following guides for step by step instructions on each use case:

1. Understanding the Impact of Each Channel

2. Optimizing based on time to convert or payback period

3. Assessing channel overlap

Time to Conversion for New Rockerbox Customers
For new Rockerbox customers, your average time to convert may look artificially short in the first few weeks of using Rockerbox. This is because Rockerbox tracking may not have been applied when a user’s true first touchpoint occurred. This will normalize within a few weeks, once Rockerbox has tracked the full user journey from first marketing touchpoint –> conversion.

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