What Rockerbox Needs from Marketing Partners

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Touchpoint Tracking

Tracking all marketing touchpoints is critical for Rockerbox to be able to report on performance in-platform, which allows your brands to make optimizations using Rockerbox data.

  • Refer to this guide for how Rockerbox tracks touchpoints across channels, both Digital and Offline.

Spend Reporting

In addition to tracking marketing touchpoints, Rockerbox needs to receive spend reporting. Ingesting spend in Rockerbox enables your brands to use Rockerbox data to make optimizations using key performance metrics such as CPA and ROAS.

  • Spend reports must be sent by Marketing Partners. Rockerbox does not support pulling spend data directly from our Partners’ platforms.
  • All reporting must align with our requirements here. Reports can be automated or manual, depending on your capabilities to automate reporting that aligns with our requirements.

Please read our requirements carefully. All requirements listed are hard requirements, and your files will not process in our platform if they do not meet these.

What to include in your spend reports?

  1. Core Fields: These fields are required for all spend integrations. This will allow Rockerbox to break out spend by date in-platform.
    1. Date
    2. Spend
  2. Specific Fields: The specific fields to include depend on what fields are available in the touchpoints Rockerbox is tracking. 
    1. Broadly, the fields to include in the spend report should match the fields in the tracking.


If Rockerbox is receiving Campaign ID & Creative ID in the touchpoints we’re tracking, the fields to include in the spend report should be:

  • Date
  • Spend
  • Campaign ID
  • Campaign Name
  • Creative ID
  • Creative Name

This will allow Rockerbox to report on performance on Campaign and Creative levels.

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