Reporting: Report Types & Use Cases

Marketing Performance

  • Enables you to calculate de-duplicated CPA/ROAS against marketing placements for new and existing users.
  • For a given time frame, shows all marketing spend and conversions mapped back to each marketing placement
  • Attribution View in UI
  • Buckets Breakdown Report (schema here)

User Behavior

  • Enables you to view all marketing touchpoints and associated details against on an individual user level
  • For a given time frame, cohorts all users that converted during that time frame and shows all marketing touchpoints (including from outside that time frame) against each user that converted
  • Funnel View in UI
  • MTA Report aka user level log file (schema here)
  • MTA Report version that contains UTMs (schema here)

Rockerbox supports a suite of reports; you can access their schemas here.

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