Cadence of Rockerbox Use

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The below outlines the optimal cadence for optimizing based on marketing performance and user behavior insights.

The linked guides walk through how you can both automate and structure your weekly and monthly reporting to easily share with your team and identify trends.

Daily Rockerbox Use

Focus: Focus on monitoring performance within channels 

Priority Questions

  • Q:  Where can I monitor daily performance within channels? 
  • Q: How can I see changes in performance day over day? 

UI Views to leverage

Guides to leverage

Weekly Rockerbox Use

Focus: Focus on identifying in-channel optimizations based on target CPA/ROAS

Priority Questions

  • Q:  Where should I shift spend within a given channel to drive efficiency? 
  • Q: How is performance this week compared to last week? Did my previous optimizations result in improved performance 

 UI Views to leverage

Gsheets template to leverage:

Guides to leverage:

Monthly Rockerbox Use

Focus: Focus on identifying optimization opportunities cross-channel and any changes in user behavior

Priority Questions

  • Q: How has performance changed month over month?  Have I hit diminishing returns across and channels or tactics?  Are the opportunities to shift budgets across channels?
  • Q:  Are there meaningful changes to user behavior?  IE channel overlap, channel distribution at each point in the funnel, time to convert

UI Views to leverage:

Gsheets templates to leverage:  

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