Multi-Touch Attribution (MTA) Model overview

What is Multi-Touch Attribution (MTA)?

Multi-touch attribution enables you to see the true impact of each placement in driving a user to convert, regardless of what number touchpoint it is.

This ensures that mid-funnel and upper-funnel placements are receiving the necessary credit.

In contrast, the traditional last-touch model assigns 100% of the credit to the last marketing touchpoint, under attributing all other touchpoints.

MTA Model Methodology

Rockerbox MTA is custom-built off your data. It assigns fractional credit to all marketing touchpoints a user is exposed to, relative to their impact.

Rockerbox builds your MTA model from three groups of data:

  1. Users that were exposed to marketing and convert
  2. Users that were exposed to marketing and DIDN’T convert
  3. Users who convert without any marketing touchpoints

Rockerbox applies a logistic regression model against the data sets, which results in weights against each touchpoint representing the effectiveness in driving a user to convert

Overall Impact

Using the MTA model will allow you to identify placements and tactics you may have been over or under-investing in. This will unlock opportunities to allocate more spend or increase bids for placements.

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