AdWords Manager Accounts

In order to provide Google Ads spend reporting access to Rockerbox, the person completing the authentication in the Rockerbox platform needs access to each sub-account with ads running.

When to Grant Sub-Account Access

If the person authenticating Google Ads in the Rockerbox platform has an AdWords Manager account that oversees multiple sub-accounts, that person may not automatically have the needed access to each sub-account, even if they’re able to see all campaigns in the Google Ads platform.

If this is the case, in the Rockerbox platform under Settings > Spend, you will see that your spend accounts are (unauthorized), as in the image below.

Granting Sub-Account Access

If you see your Google Ads spend account as (unauthorized) in the Rockerbox platform, you’ll need to grant sub-account access to the person on your team that will be authenticating Google Ads in the Rockerbox platform.

Complete the steps below for each sub-account.

  1. From your AdWords Manager account, click a sub-account:
  1. Click Tools & Settings > Access and Security
  1. Go to the Users tab, click the blue ➕button, select Standard access, and enter the email address for the user from your team or agency that will be completing the spend authorization in the Rockerbox platform.
  2. Click Send Invitation
Any users invited to a sub-account will need to accept the invitation sent to their email address by Google Ads. Google Ads will only allow you to have a single “accept invitation” tab open in your browser at once without error, so be sure to open, accept, and close each invitation tab before moving on to another.

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