Outbrain: Requesting API Access

The Rockerbox Outbrain integration is built to use our client’s accounts authentication to automatically ingest data. However, your account may not have API access. If you do not have access, you will need to apply through this form.

Most of the other questions are client-specific. For the last questions related to the platform, you can use the following:



Do you operate your own proprietary technology (not provided through alliance or partnership)


Does your technology provide a self-serve interface?


Do you offer a SaaS or managed service product? (Please check all that apply)


If you answered ‘Other’ above, please provide description below:

We use the Rockerbox Attribution Platform and need API credentials

How many API calls do you anticipate making per day?

Fewer than 10

Is there any additional information you would like to add in order to help us evaluate or prioritize your application?

Rockerbox already has API spend ingestion for other Outbrain clients, and we just need to add API capabilities to our account.

Once you have API access, you can authenticate in the Rockerbox platform. You’ll need to use your Marketer ID as your Account ID. This value always starts with 00 and can be found in the URL of your my.outbrain.com dashboard where the string of zeros is below:


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