Segment Overview

If you use Segment to track onsite and in-app events, Rockerbox can take in data from Segment to track app installs. When Segment fires an ‘Application Installed’ event, Rockerbox can track that along with your other conversions.

To tie on-site visitors to in-app actions, you need to have Rockerbox hooked up in both places. You can follow these steps to configure Segment for your account.

In order for Rockerbox to collect information about in-app activity, you can use Segment webhooks to send the ‘Application Install’ events to Rockerbox.

This track call needs to match Segment’s specification. Note that Application Installed events will be tracked automatically when lifecycle events are enabled.

Segment App Install Event

"userId": "019mr8mf4r",
"type": "track",
"event": "Application Installed",
"properties": {
"version": "1.2.3", "build": "1234"
This event fires when a user first opens your mobile application. Note, if the user never opens your app after installing, we will not receive the event

As soon as you have userId or email available, you should fire an identify call that will pass the identifying information to Rockerbox so we’re able to identify users across devices and tie installs to the desktop web actions that led a user to the install. If you’re unsure how to implement the identify call, you can find instructions here for iOS and here for Android.

Once you have the above set up, Rockerbox will be able to begin tracking your app installs.

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