How to organize and map survey responses

The survey page in Rockerbox is designed to allow you to map post-purchase survey responses back to the associated marketing channel.

This will add a marketing touchpoint to these channels increasing the number of touchpoints and as a result the number of attributable conversions. This will in aggregate have an impact on your CPA and ROAS for these channels.

Your survey mapping should be aligned with the marketing mapping structure you are currently utilizing. This will ensure your survey data is structured in a way that is actionable based on the way your team measures and optimizes performance.

Steps to map survey responses in Rockerbox

1. Organize responses

Organizing your survey responses allows you to map similar responses together. If a response is “Unclassified” it is not currently being mapped back to marketing activity - this step is essential to matching free form survey responses to the desired marketing channel.

For example, if one user says they heard about you from “a friend” and another says they heard about you from “a classmate” these can both be grouped under “Friend Referral”.

If possible, check this page on a bi-weekly basis to ensure you don’t have a high volume of Unclassified Responses.

Steps for Organizing responses:

1. Go to Settings - Survey and click on the Edit button under Manage

2. Click on “Organize Responses” on the top bar

Do not make changes to General Setup page
Please note - Do not make any changes to the “General Setup” page. This page dictates how we are bringing your survey data into the platform and will be managed by your Rockerbox team.

3. Organize data

In the Organize Data screen, you have the option to:

  • Add Unclassified responses to an existing group OR move responses within groups
  • Create a new group entirely

A. Add Unclassified Responses to existing groups OR move responses within groups

You can add unclassified responses to existing groups or move responses around by dragging and dropping. Hover your mouse over a response and you will see the hand icon appear - allowing you to drag and drop.

B. Create a new group by clicking on + sign on response

Once you create a new group you have the option to change the title by clicking on the pencil symbol.

4. Click on the “Next” button on the bottom right

This will ensure you save all your hard work!

2. Map grouped responses to marketing channels in Rockerbox

Once you have grouped your responses, it is time to indicate how you would like these mapped in Rockerbox.

These should be aligned with your existing mapping structure. Ask your Rockerbox team if you are unsure how to structure this correctly!

Steps for Mapping Responses:

1. Click on Marketing Events on the top bar

2. Add or Edit existing mapping

Mapping is case sensitive
Mapping is case-sensitive and space sensitive. If possible, use the drop-down menu to select mapping instead of typing - ask your Rockerbox team if you need help here!

A. Select the response you want to map (this list is from your “Organized responses” groups)

Use the drop-down menu under “If the response is”:

B. Update or add the desired mapping

There are three options for how you can choose to map:

  1. Choose an option from the drop-down menu (tag icon)
  2. Type in a Custom mapping (quote icon)
  3. Pull-in actual survey response (</> icon)

Make sure you click submit!
This page will not auto-save. Clicking submit makes sure you save any changes you made!

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