SeQuel DM

Rockerbox has an existing integration with SeQuelDM where we receive user-level log files. More detail on how these log files are used to track Direct Mail touchpoints can be found here.

Log File Instructions

All spend reports must align with the requirements listed here.
  1. Enable the integration here in your Rockerbox account. You may be prompted to contact Rockerbox support if this is a net-new launch, or if your current plan does not include tracking for this channel.
  2. Reach out to SeQuelDM to request that they provide reporting to Rockerbox that follows the below requirements.
    1. Files should be sent before each drop as soon as they are ready.
    2. Files should include all mail recipients, and should not include holdouts.
    3. Files should be sent to the designated SFTP endpoint. SFTP details can be found under Data > Advertising Platforms. Navigate to the SequelDM tile and select "Instructions"
    4. Reports must contain the columns exactly as noted below, including capitalization & spacing.
Required Columns

address 1
in home date

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