Migrating to a Shopify Headless Site Build

What is Shopify Headless?

Headless commerce is a type of ecommerce architecture that disassembles your back-end infrastructure from your front-end customer touchpoints (more details from Shopify here).

It gives ecommerce stores more flexibility to customize the look and feel of their store’s front end without impacting the back-end ecommerce processing systems.

How Shopify Headless impacts Rockerbox tracking

Shopify: Rockerbox is able to apply on-site tracking to Shopify stores automatically through our standard Shopify integration.

Headless Site: any pages on your site’s front end that are not hosted by Shopify will need to have Rockerbox tracking pixels applied (most likely using a tag container solution like Google Tag Manager)

Applying tracking on the front end of your site is crucial, as it impacts Rockerbox’s ability to:

  • Identify the source of users arriving on-site (ex Facebook, Google Brand Search, Email)
  • Track upper funnel conversion events (ex View Product, Add to Cart)
  • Identify each user arriving on-site to build a user-level path to conversion
What to do when you're migrating to a headless site build
Contact your Rockerbox email alias to receive instructions for applying pixels to your site.

Pixels should be implemented and tested BEFORE launching the new site to avoid any loss in tracking

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