Creating Ad Hoc Exports

Updated by Omar Elmaghrabi


The Ad Hoc File Exports feature allows you to export your marketing performance data, going back over the full history of your data in Rockerbox, and rolled up at the level of granularity you need.

Spend, conversions, revenue, CPA, and ROAS will already be computed and aggregated over the requested time period, so that you don't have to waste time pivoting your data and writing custom spreadsheet formulas. To make things even easier, we have some pre-built templates to expedite your reporting and analysis needs.

Data Available for Export

Users can export the Attributed Performance Report.

How it works

The Ad Hoc File Exports feature creates a data export at a point in time. Select the inputs below to see de-duplicated performance.

  • Level of Granularity (ex channel, tactic, placement)
  • Attribution Type
  • Customer Type
  • Date Cohorting (ex daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly)
  • Date Range

Note that if underlying dataset inputs change (ex: marketing event log files or batch spend reports are shared with Rockerbox), a new export should be generated to reflect the most up-to-date data.

The spend, conversions, revenue, CPA, and ROAS in your Attributed Performance Report are only computed for the single customer type (all, new, or repeat) and single attribution model type specified in the export request.

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