Rockerbox UID to GTM Data Layer

If you need to use the Rockerbox UID in a GTM Tag, you can follow these steps to get that value available as a GTM Variable.

  1. Create a new Tag in GTM with the following HTML:
var rbuidSet = function(obj){
var rbuid = !!obj && obj.rbuid;
if (!!rbuid) {
event: "rbuidSet",
rbuid: rbuid
window.rbuidSet = rbuidSet;
<script src=""></script>

Set the Tag to fire on All Pages.

  1. Create a GTM variable for the rbuid Data Layer variable set above.
  1. Create a Trigger that fires when the Rockerbox UID variable is set.
  1. Finally, use the Rockerbox UID GTM Variable in the Tag that you need.

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