What is De-duplication?

Rockerbox de-duplication

Through the tracking applied to each of your marketing channels, Rockerbox is tracking every single touchpoint against every user that converts. In doing so, we are building out the user’s path to conversion.

Once we build out the path to conversion, Rockerbox is reconciling all marketing touchpoints back to a known sale - on a per-user basis.

This ensures that Rockerbox is aligned to your internal source of truth for sales.

In-Platform view

This is in contrast to what you see in-platform (i.e. Google, Facebook). Where if you had 100 sales yesterday, Google may report 60 conversions, while Facebook reports 50 - totaling more than your total sales for the previous day.

Each ad platform (i.e. Google, Facebook, etc.) only looks at its own data. For example, if a user had 5 different touchpoints and just one of those was Facebook, Facebook would only see the touchpoint the user had with the Facebook ad. Facebook would then take 100% of the credit for that conversion.

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