Facebook (Auto Append)

Rockerbox’s Facebook Auto Append process can automatically update your Facebook campaign tracking over time. This is the easiest method to apply Rockerbox parameters for Facebook.

Setup Instructions

  1. Authenticate your Facebook account(s) here. This will allow Rockerbox to ingest daily spend and apply our parameters to your ads.
  2. Ensure the requirements below are fully met, as these are required for Rockerbox to properly apply tracking.
  3. Reach out to your Rockerbox representative once you have authenticated your account. Rockerbox will QA and complete setup.

Requirements & Constraints


  • The user who authenticates your Facebook accounts with Rockerbox must have ads_management access
  • The user who authenticates your Facebook accounts with Rockerbox must have access to all pages and accounts where ads exist
  • Ensure Manage Campaigns is switched on within the Facebook account
  • Rockerbox must be given permission to edit ads in order to automatically append parameters


  • Any ads using the deprecated ad key crop size 191x100 must be manually updated to remove this size before parameters can be automatically added, following the steps here
  • Landing pages cannot be set as bit.ly links
  • Landing pages must be set directly in Facebook, rather than in a third party ad server
  • Landing pages must drive to Rockerbox-tracked site rather than a third party landing page or retail site

Influencer/Partner/Whitelisted Accounts

If there are ads running through an account that Rockerbox does not have full access to, Rockerbox will not be able to automatically append tracking.

In this case, one of the two steps below needs to be taken.

Option 1: Tracking needs to be manually appended following the steps here, or
Option 2: The outside accounts must grant the account that is authenticated in Rockerbox Page Admin access, following the steps here to allow us to automatically append our tracking.
Multiple Facebook Accounts
If you have MULTIPLE FACEBOOK ACCOUNTS, including accounts run on your behalf by agencies or other third parties, you must authenticate ALL accounts to Rockerbox to ensure that tracking is applied correctly and that spend is ingested. On the integrations page for Facebook, confirm that all your Facebook accounts are present in the Account dropdown. If you are missing an account, complete the authentication process for any missing accounts.

What to Expect

Rockerbox parameters will be appended to the URL tags field on all ads below a modifiable impression threshold. Ads will enter re-optimization.

Enabling Facebook Auto-Append

  1. Click Add Feature
  2. Click Facebook Auto Params
  3. Wait for Rockerbox to ingest information from your Facebook account. This process can take up to 5 minutes. To see if your data has been ingested, refresh your screen.
  4. For each account in the Select Account dropdown, enable the automatic addition of parameters for current and future campaigns by clicking the Enable Auto-Update toggle (upper right)
Running Force Updates will force your selected ads into re-optimization.

Validate Tracking

The Validate Tracking section will not show errors until at least 1 day after tracking has been implemented.

Facebook / Instagram Shop: because users who purchase through FB / IG shop never arrive on your site (where Rockerbox pixels fire), Shop conversions are not attributed to FB / IG ads by default.

If your site is Shopify hosted, reach out to your Rockerbox CSM to set up alternative tracking to attribute Shop conversions.

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