What to Expect - Post Onboarding

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Once you have completed onboarding, Rockerbox starts to collect

  • Marketing touchpoints across all channels
  • Spend across all channels
  • Conversions on your site, in-app, or offline (depending on your Rockerbox setup)

See below for a timeline of when you can expect to begin leveraging Rockerbox to solve for core use cases.

Note that timeline is dependent on the completion of all onboarding steps. Lingering open items may cause delays in how you leverage Rockerbox.
Training Webinars: while Rockerbox begins collecting data, you and your team can begin Rockerbox Training either by RSVP'ing to live training or listening to the trainings on demand.

Timeline for Leveraging Rockerbox

Week 1: Consolidated Platform Performance
  • What to expect: All of your Google, FB, Snap, Pinterest and Tiktok in-platform performance in one place.
  • What to do: identify in-channel optimization opportunities all in one place, rather than flipping between tabs in each ad platform. Guide here.
Week 3-4: Initial De-Duplicated Marketing Performance
  • What to expect: De-duplicated CPA/ROAS (on rule-based models) against your primary eComm conversion for your core digital marketing channels
  • What to do: select a rule based attribution model and begin to compare this "de-duplicated" view in Rockerbox to your in-platform reporting. What channels have much stronger (duplicated) performance in-platform vs in Rockerbox? These are the channels that either over-credit themselves for driving conversions -- often due to users having multiple touchpoints on their path.
  • Training underway!
Week 5-6: Transparent View Into Path to Conversion 
  • What to expect: initial insights into user behavior, understanding overlap of core digital channels and most common sequence of touchpoints along a users’ path to conversion
  • What to do
    • Identify which channels commonly overlap with other marketing channels -- especially where to overlap is across multiple paid channels that play the same role in the funnel. Guide here.
    • Identify the reach of your core channels. What % of new vs repeat customers have paid vs organic channels on their path to purchase? Guide here.
    • Identify differences in time to conversion across your paid channels. Where is the time to convert longer (meaning you don't expect to see immediate returns from scaling the channel). Guide here.
Week 7-8: Multi-Touch Attribution
  • What to expect: de-duplicated CPA/ROAS from your custom multi-touch attribution model
  • What to do:
    • On a weekly basis:
      • Compare in-platform vs Rockerbox performance or identify extreme outliers in de-duplicated performance to identify in-channel optimization opportunities. Guide here. This commonly unlocks budget for top or mid funnel tactics
    • On an ad hoc basis:
      • Begin to set de-duplicated performance benchmarks per channel or per objective (ex prospecting vs retargeting). This benchmark will help to identify in-channel optimization opportunities or changes in performance that indicate an opportunity to cut or scale spend.
Week 8-9: In-Channel Optimizations
  • What to do:
    • Compare performance per channel week-over-week (both on the channel and overall level) as you begin to leverage Rockerbox to make weekly optimizations.
    • Automate marketing performance reporting across channels using the Rockerbox Google sheets sync -- which will sync either Rockerbox de-duplicated performance or in-platform reporting.
Week 10+: Expanded Use Cases (+ Phase 2 implementation if needed)
  • What to do:
    • Continue executing daily in-platform optimizations with the platform performance metrics and weekly optimizations using Rockerbox de-duplicated performance.
    • Identify additional use cases based on initial learnings and creating testing roadmap (what channel, audience, creative do you have a hypothesis about based on initial findings that you'd like to go deeper on?)
  • Phase 2 of implementation: further scope and begin implementation on any Phase 2 items (offline conversion events or low priority marketing channel - contact your CSM).

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