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If you use Segment as your customer data platform to collect, clean, and control your customer data, you can use Rockerbox’s Segment integration to pull in purchases and onsite events as conversions.

What does the Rockerbox-Segment integration do?

Once enabled, Rockerbox will automatically pull your events from Segment into your Rockerbox account. This allows you to create conversions within Rockerbox that track events in Segment. For example, if you have an ‘Added Product’ event in Segment, you’ll be able to create an ‘Add to Cart’ conversion in Rockerbox to track those events.

You can do the same for your other events in Segment, like creating a ‘Purchase’ conversion in Rockerbox that corresponds to your ‘Order Completed’ event in Segment, or an ‘Account Created’ conversion for your ‘User Signup Completed’ event.

How does the integration work?

Segment sends data from Rockerbox in two ways:

Getting your Segment account ready for Rockerbox

In order to integrate your Segment data in Rockerbox, you’ll need to make some edits to your Segment account to start sharing data. You will need Source Admin privileges on your Segment account in order to set up the integration

How do I set this up for my account?

1) Please ask the Rockerbox team to enable the Segment integration in your account

2) Follow the instructions to connect onsite data to Rockerbox

3) Follow the instructions to connect server-side data to Rockerbox


I have multiple sources connected to Segment, should I connect them all?

Yes - you should connect both onsite and server-side sources.

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