Funnel Position Overview

What this view shows

The Funnel Position view in Rockerbox enables you to understand the role of each of your channels in the funnel.

For a given time frame, it cohorts all users that converted during that time frame and shows the unique marketing mix for each stage of the funnel (First touch, middle touch, and last touch).

Overview of the Funnel view

  1. How to Navigate the view
  2. Use Cases

1. How to Navigate the Funnel view

A) Two Main views to leverage:

There are two main views you can leverage within the funnel view:

1) Channel Mix at Each Stage of the Funnel

This view shows your unique marketing mix for each stage of the funnel (Beginning, Middle, End).

Each column sums to 100% vertically - showing for ALL first/middle/last touchpoints in a given period - what percentage are attributed to each channel.

2) Role of each Channel across the Funnel

This view shows the role of a given channel across the funnel.

Each row sums to 100% horizontally - showing for a specific channel i.e. Paid Social - what percent of touchpoints are happening as a first, middle, or last touchpoint.

B) Guide on how to Navigate the view

Paths the Funnel view excludes
The funnel view excludes all users who only have one touchpoint in their path AND all “Direct” conversions (users who converted with no marketing touchpoints). This is done intentionally, to provide a clear view of the role of your channels in the funnel not obfuscated by single touchpoint or direct conversions.

2. Use Cases - How to Leverage this view

  1. What is my unique marketing mix at each stage of the funnel?
  2. What role does a specific channel play in the funnel?

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