Your Holiday Guide

We want to ensure you are best set up to leverage Rockerbox during Holiday.

And to that, please see below guides to cover everything from planning, tracking, measurement, and resulting analysis.

(And for those who have a January New Years heavy-up instead, everything applies to that time period as well.)

Of course, don’t hesitate to reach out to your Rockerbox alias with any questions.

  1. New Channel Launches: What to do when you’re launching a new marketing channel to make sure it’s tracked in Rockerbox.
  2. Planning and budgeting: Tips for planning and determining optimal spend across channels and tactics
  3. Trends on channels to test for holiday: Trends for planning and optimizing your channel mix.
  4. Tips for Handling Spend Heavy Ups and Pacing: Tips for navigating spend heavy ups and expected impact to performance
  5. Measuring impact: Tips for analyzing performance during increased spend periods

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