Your Holiday Guide

We want to ensure you are best set up to leverage Rockerbox during Holiday.

And to that, please see the below guides to cover everything from

  • Planning and budgeting you will execute before your holiday heavy ups
  • Always-on optimizations you will execute on a daily / weekly basis during the holiday season
  • Ad-hoc analysis that's crucial for shifting spend mid-holiday to ensure you meet your goals

(And for those who have a January New Years heavy-up instead, everything applies to that time period as well.)

Of course, don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions.

  1. Planning and budgeting (Pre-Heavy Up): Tips for planning and determining optimal spend across channels and tactics
  2. Tips for Handling Spend Heavy Ups and Pacing: Tips for navigating spend heavy ups and expected impact to performance
  3. Always-On Holiday Optimizations: How to identify optimization opportunities and quickly assess performance during your heavy up
    • Tactical Optimizations: How to quickly identify optimization opportunities across channels at increase scale
    • Secondary metrics beyond CPA or ROAS: assessing performance in driving New Visitors and identifying time to convert to anticipate when conversions are expected to occur
  4. Mid-Holiday Check-In: What to look for mid-holiday to confirm you're on track or shift budget based on real-time holiday performance.
  • Identifying diminishing returns: pinpoint where you're over-spending in a channel, over-saturated with a specific audience, or experiencing creative fatigue for specific assets
  • Identifying channel overlap: minimize redundancies in your marketing mix (channels at the same funnel position reaching the same users and thus are less incremental) for core digital channels or across all channels
  1. End-of-year reporting: leverage Rockerbox to save time pulling end of year reporting and trends
  • Exporting performance data: easily export the year's performance data cohorted by quarter, month, week, or day using Ad Hoc Reporting exports.
  • Identify trends over time: plug your export into a pre-built template to assess performance trends over time or measure YoY performance.

Launching a new channel?

Make sure to let the Rockerbox team know if you're launching a new channel for holiday so that it can be tracked in Rockerbox.

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