Streaming Audio

Rockerbox treats streaming audio attribution with the same methodology used for OTT. In summary, there are two methods for us to track marketing events:

  • log files (preferred)
  • impression-tracking pixels

In both cases, Rockerbox makes a probabilistic match based on the location of the ad and the location of a website session within a configurable time window to determine whether or not a streaming audio ad will receive credit for driving that session.

Please review the OTT page for more details.

Certified Platforms

Rockerbox is certified to run on the following streaming audio platforms:

  • Pandora
  • iHeartRadio
  • Blisspoint Media

Rockerbox is NOT certified to run on Spotify. Due to this, Spotify will not drop Rockerbox impression-tracking pixels nor send us log files. However, if you run on Spotify through another platform, such as The Trade Desk or DV360, then you can drop Rockerbox impression-tracking pixels in those platforms. This will allow us to measure Spotify performance.

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