Segment Server-Side Data

Connect your JavaScript sources first
Before proceeding with this step, make sure you have your JavaScript sources sending data to the Rockerbox Destination.

If not, you can follow our Segment Onsite Data Collection guide to get that configured.
Sending Data from Server-Side Sources to Rockerbox

If you use Segment to track activity and conversions from your servers, mobile apps, CRM, or other non-website data source, you’ll need to use Webhooks to send that data over to Rockerbox.

To ensure the full dataset from Segment is captured by Rockerbox, we recommend configuring all data sources (JavaScript, iOS/Android app, backend server, etc.) using this method. These configurations will be in addition to the Segment Onsite Data Collection from the previous guide.

You will need Source Admin privileges on your Segment account in order to make these changes.

Configure Webhooks Destination

1) In your Segment Account, go to Destinations, and click Add Destination.

2) Search for “Webhooks” and select it.

3) Click the Configure Webhooks button.

4) Select the Source you would like to connect. If you have environments configured, ensure you are using the the Prod source.

5) Next, you’ll need to enter your Rockerbox Webhook into your destination settings. Select Webhooks, fill in your URL and click Save.

Your Webhook URL is available from your Rockerbox account manager.

6) You’ll also need to enter your Rockerbox Shared Secret into your destination settings. Select Shared Secret, fill in your secret, and click Save.

Your Shared Secret is available from your Rockerbox account manager.

7) Activate the new Destination by flipping the on/off switch

8) After saving your Webhook URL & Shared Secret, click the Switch to enable the destination! A blue check means that the destination is live and sending data.

To verify that the webhooks are sending data to Rockerbox, you can view the Segment Webhooks Status page in your Rockerbox dashboard. It may take a few minutes to first appear — if you don’t see data at first, try refreshing again.

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