The Trade Desk


  1. Append the click-through URL parameters to your landing page URLs.
  2. Apply the impression pixel to all active ads.

These parameter values use macros and do not need to be manually replaced. Their values will be dynamically filled by the platform when the ad is served.

Your URLs should follow the structure guidelines available here.

Display URL Parameters

Display Impression Tracking Pixel

Video URL Parameters

Video Impression Tracking Pixel

OTT or Streaming Audio URL Parameters

OTT or Streaming Audio Impression Tracking Pixel

Batch Spend Report

For Rockerbox to report on The Trade Desk spend, you will need to deliver a standard spend report to Rockerbox. To do so, you will:

  • Turn on The Trade Desk integration in Rockerbox
  • Create the report in The Trade Desk
  • Contact your Trade Desk account manager to setup the S3 transfer

Enable the integration here in your Rockerbox account. Wait a few moments after enabling. Under Data Setup, you will need to retrieve your S3 bucket instructions. Keep this information available as you need to copy/paste the instructions for your TTD account manager.

  • In the Trade Desk platform, you will create the report. Go to MyReports and click the + TSV/CSV Report to create your report with the following columns:
Required Columns

Campaign ID
Ad Group ID
Ad Group
Creative ID
Supply Vendor
Integer ID
Supply Vendor
Advertiser Cost (USD)
01 - Click Conversion
01 - View Through Conversion
  • Set this scheduled report to run daily, delivering yesterday’s data each day
  • Send the execution number of that report to your TTD account manager. You can find the execution ID by looking at Generated Reports (under the templates within MyReports). (If it’s not a column, select show columns and add Execution ID.)
  • Reach out to your TTD account manager to set up S3 bucket delivery and provide the Execution ID as well as the S3 instructions from Rockerbox.

Only send updates; do not send data that you previously sent. For example, if you send daily files, send just the previous day. If you send weekly files, send the prior week. Do not send a 30-day historical every day.

For initial onboarding, you can send a historical file if available.

Report Delivery Requirements

All spend reports must align with the requirements listed here.

Review in depth the following page on Report Delivery Requirements. If the files delivered to Rockerbox and do not meet those requirements, then the file will not process successfully.

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