Accounting for 3rd Party Purchases (ex. Amazon, Etsy)

Updated by Emily Shreero

Rockerbox is not currently able to track orders made on third party platforms like Amazon. This is because the third parties do not share user level data -- which is required to create user-level paths to conversion.

To account for third party purchases in your per-channel or blended performance targets (CPA / ROAS) consider using a multiplier.

Note this calculation cannot currently be done within the Rockerbox UI.

The calculations can be performed in Google Sheets or using your Data Warehouse / BI tools

How to derive a multiplier

1. Take the % of orders you see from Amazon on average (ex monthly or quarterly)

2. Take the % of DTC purchases attributed to each channel (should include all channels)

3. Apply the below multiplier to this channel's conversions or revenue

4. Recalculate CPA or ROAS by using your re-calculate conversions or revenue

Per-channel multiplier = (1 + (% purchases from Amazon * % attributed conversions from channel)

Attributing Amazon orders to specific channels only: if you choose to attribute Amazon orders to specific channels only, recalculate the % of conversions attributed to each of these channels

Ex you are giving only the following channels credit for driving Amazon purchases: Facebook, Influencers, Linear TV

Of conversions attributed to these 3 channels, Facebook accounts for 50%. Use 50% in the above multiplier.

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