Rockerbox for Agencies

Updated by Emily Shreero

Agencies will often leverage Rockerbox for reporting and optimizations within the channels they manage - especially paid media channels.

Optimizing off of Rockerbox's de-duplicated reporting will help agencies to optimize and allocate spend toward the channels, vendors, and placements that boost overall CPA/ROAS and revenue. Compare this to in-platform reporting, where multiple channels take credit for driving the same user to convert.

Beyond performance, Rockerbox will also identify the role that each channel plays in the funnel (ex first touchpoint vs mid-funnel touchpoint) and overlap with other channels at a similar funnel position to help identify where there are redundancies across the paid channels agencies manage.

1. Rockerbox Core Concepts

a. What Rockerbox solves for

b. How Rockerbox builds a foundational dataset

b. What is de-duplication?

2. Maintaining Clean Data

a. Marketing Tracking: agencies will need to maintain Rockerbox tracking across all channels they manage

b. Maintaining naming conventions

3. Use Cases Rockerbox Unlocks for Agencies

a. Marketing Performance

b. User Behavior

4. Agency Training Sessions

Find our training sessions at our Rockerbox Academy

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