Phone Calls: Invoca

If you use Invoca for call tracking, you can leverage Rockerbox’s Invoca integration to import phone calls as a conversion event and treat phone calls as a marketing touchpoint on the path to conversion. Invoca data additionally helps supplement your customer identity graph, tying callers and phone numbers to browser sessions tracked by Rockerbox.

Enabling the Invoca Integration in Rockerbox

  1. In your Rockerbox dashboard, go to Settings > Data Sources
  2. Under Integrations section, click the switch next to Invoca
  3. Enter your Invoca network ID and API token and submit the form (If you aren’t sure what to enter here, see the instructions below)
  4. Once you see your Invoca account name below, that means the integration has been set up successfully

Finding your Invoca Network ID

Each Invoca platform is uniquely identified by a Network ID. This ID is used when accessing the platform via some of the platform’s APIs.

Your Network ID is visible after “/networks/” in the URL on the Invoca Network Home Page.


In the example above, the Network ID = 99.

Generating an Invoca API Token

In your Invoca UI, go to the Navigation Bar, hover on Integrations and select “Invoca APIs”

Invoca API Token

On the “Invoca API Credentials” page, click “New API Credential”

Enter “Rockerbox” as the Description and click Save.

The generate API token can now be used with your Rockerbox account.

For more detailed instructions, please refer to Invoca’s documentation here.

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