Identifying Users


Rockerbox uses different techniques to identify users:

  • Rockerbox cookie (uid in Reports)
  • 1st-party Customer data (external_id or email in Reports)
  • Partner identifiers, such as mobile measurement partners
  • Probabilistic matching, such as OTT

Identifying Users that Convert

When Rockerbox tracks a Conversion Event, then we will use available identifiers to create the user. For example, when a Onsite Pixel fires, Rockerbox will have our cookie (uid).

For a Purchase, our advertisers will also typically have a customer identifier or email address. If an external_id and/or email is available, then in addition to the uid from the Purchase event, Rockerbox will use the external_id and/or email to match against all other associated uid values we’ve seen.

For example, if I log in to an advertiser’s site on my phone, I will have a Rockerbox uid (ex: ABC) as well as the advertiser’s external_id (ex: 123).

  • Later, I switch to my desktop and log in again to the same advertiser’s site. I will have the same external_id value (123) but a different Rockerbox uid (ex: DEF).
  • When I make a Purchase with that external_id value 123, then Rockerbox will map that value to both uid ABC and DEF.

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