Contacting Rockerbox Support

Updated by Kelsey Kearns

There are two primary ways you can contact Rockerbox:

  1. Rockerbox Support team: For any support issues/questions related to data/integrations or account settings
  2. Your CSM: For inquiries related to strategy, scheduling, or contract renewal/changes

Here's a quick overview of what this means for you ⚡

1. Contacting Support at Rockerbox ☎️

  • Support can be contacted via our in-app chatbot or by emailing

2. What Constitutes a Support Request 🤝

A support request can include any of the following:

  • Rockerbox set up (mapping, new channel launches etc.)
  • Discrepancies or bugs
  • Rockerbox methodology questions
  • Rockerbox reporting or UI use questions
  • Account changes i.e. user management

3. Non-Support Requests 📊

For non-support requests, you can email your CSM directly.

Non-support related requests include the following:

  • Use Case related questions 
  • How Rockerbox can grow with you 
  • Questions on new product launches 
  • Inquiries related to contract renewal/changes

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