Warehousing: Adding Datasets

If you have not yet set up the data warehouse integration setup yet, please return to the setup instructions.

The Data Warehouse Sync page in the Rockerbox UI will show all of the tables currently shared with your warehouse. It will also contain options to sync new datasets. To add a new table, select one of the following:

1. Navigate to Data > Data Warehouse Sync in the Rockerbox UI

2. Select the type of data you'd like create add a table for

  • Add a platform share. These are the Platform Performance datasets, which contain platform-reported performance from each ad platform (ex Google reporting directly from Google).
    • From here, select the platform and give the table a name.
  • Add a conversion share. These are the Rockerbox datasets, which contain aggregate touchpoints, conversions, or spend across all channels tracked in Rockerbox.
    • From here, select the type of dataset you'd like to create a table for. More information on the contens of each table can be found here.
    • Next, select the conversion event you'd like to see reporting against. All conversion events tracked in Rockerbox will be available to sync for each schema.

3. To create any tables, gives the table an easy to identify name (might include the report type and conversion event name) and click "sync this dataset". Once the datasets are synced, you should be able to view and query new tables in your data warehouse.

Backfilling Data
Reporting will be available in your tables back to the first reporting date tracked in Rockerbox. It will take a few days to complete backfilling historical data for the new data share. Please contact Rockerbox if you still don’t see any data after a few days.

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